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At the root of my practice is the science of nutrition and diet.  I understand how food impacts the body in health and disease.  My advice is based on a firm understanding of our physiology combined with a constant awareness of the latest research and evidence based practice.


A large part of my job is to translate current scientific thinking in to straight forward, practical advice that my clients can implement in their every day lives.  As part of my relationship with my client, I will try to understand how they live and what is important to them.  Then I can tailor my recommendations to that individual.  


Increasingly we hear that we must do more to protect the environment that we live in.  That's why I'll always consider sustainability in the advice I provide.  I can support clients in reducing any negative impact their diet has on our environment, whatever their health needs.

I qualified as a Dietitian in 2005 and have worked in both the NHS and private sector. I am a full member of the British Dietetic Association.  My registration number with the Health Care Professions Council is DT15617.

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