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Red Apple
Red Apples
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Tailored, personal advice.  Remote appointments at a time to suit you.  Packages available.

Specialist areas include:

Allergy (including cow’s milk protein allergy, multiple allergies, Coeliac Disease and oral allergy syndrome)

Restricted eating in children (including fussy eating and limited variety in autistic spectrum disorders, ARFID)


Weight management in adults and children

Dietary management of Type 2 Diabetes

Sustainable diets (including vegetarian and vegan)

If your needs are not listed here, please get in touch to discuss.  If I am not able to support you I may be able to recommend a more appropriate practitioner.


Spread the cost of a consultation with those who have a similar goal.

Some challenges are easier to overcome when they are shared.  If you're a group of like-minded people with similar dietary goals then this service may be right for you.


Get in touch to discuss your needs.

Are you looking to improve the health of your employees or maybe looking to get a diet themed message to your customers?  Whatever the needs of you company I can support you in a tailored package.

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